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Announcing Advance Equity Funds: Our latest values-aligned investment option

September 21, 2023

The Amalgamated Foundation is proud to share a new offering for Donor Advised Fund holders: Advance Equity Funds

Advance Equity Funds are the latest in our range of socially responsible investment portfolios, provided in partnership with Amalgamated Investment Services. Advance Equity Funds are strictly screened and thoughtfully built to allow you to:

  • Invest in companies and managers that are leading the charge on DEI and Shareholder Activism;
  • Support new funds led by women, BIPOC, and LQBTQ individuals and communities; and
  • Avoid investments in fossil fuel companies, firearms, tobacco, and more.


The Advance Equity Funds portfolio includes groundbreaking funds like:

Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETF - Founded by a queer, Black woman and majority-owned and operated by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, Adasina serves as a bridge between social justice movements. Their approach integrates people, investments, campaigns, and education to provide transitional capital and resources to leverage the current financial markets in pursuit of a more regenerative future. 

NIA Impact Solutions Fund – NIA strives to invest in building an environmentally sustainable economy where all can thrive, with a more equitable distribution of resources, wealth, and income, regardless of racial, cultural or economic background. Investments are made through a gender lens reflecting a commitment to advancing education, business opportunities, and quality of life for women globally. All companies in NIA’s investing universe have women in executive leadership and/or on the Board of Directors.

Sphere 500 Climate Fund - The woman-led Sphere 500 Climate Fund is a climate-friendly, fossil-free U.S. core equity investment option. The Sphere 500 philosophy is to vote its shares in the long-term best interest of its shareholders, which means taking action to end climate change.

Like all our investment portfolios, Advance Equity Funds are carefully curated to further our commitment to climate, sustainability, and racial, gender, and economic justice. We’re excited to offer this new way for donors to connect with the causes they care about through the powerful partnership between the Amalgamated Foundation and Amalgamated Bank.

If you’re interested in learning more or reallocating your DAF investments to include Advance Equity Funds, get in touch. If you’d like to open a Donor Advised Fund with us, get started here.