Men and women marching together in a protest in the city.

COVID-19 Response

Committed To Human Rights & Social Justice

Uniting to support workers, families and communities

Amalgamated Foundation is responding in full force to the unprecedented crisis that COVID-19 has created. As the economy grinds to a halt, the current moment has created a massive economic shock and insecurity for workers, businesses, and communities.

The Foundation is invoking five guiding principles to focus its work:

  • focus on the most vulnerable
  • stand up against hate
  • defend democracy
  • organize and coordinate responses
  • move resources nimbly and efficiently

Across different platforms and with a strong collective of partners, the Foundation is leveraging financial and social capital to answer the call to action this moment requires in the following ways:

Doctors carrying a patient on a stretcher.

Frontline Workers Fund

The Frontline Workers Fund is designed to provide financial support for workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kids, women and men feeling happy at a protest.

The Emergent Fund – People’s Bailout Fund

This fund is focused on ensuring that resources flow to the organizations and communities most in need of support during the current COVID...

Women marching at protest.

Launch a New Urgent Action Fund

Establish a donor advised, pooled or collaborative fund to support organizations during the COVID-19 crisis.