Young African American man working as a volunteer painting a mural.

Amalgamated Foundation

Redifining Philanthropy

We are redefining philanthropy by empowering activism, harnessing generosity & leveraging technology

Committed to Change

Our financial partner is the Amalgamated Bank which for 100 years has championed worker’s rights, economic justice, racial equity, human rights & the environment.

Collective Impact

Our community of individuals and institutions leverage their resources creatively toward the world we need. Through our diverse range of giving vehicles, we maximize our collective impact to speed up the pace of change.

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Reimagining Giving

Our approach combines our commitment to accountability, collaboration and equity with investments in technology and innovation. The result is a Foundation is hard-wired to move resources to the frontlines of social change with nimble efficiency and maximum impact. 

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Transparency & Financial Integrity

Annual Report 2019

2019 grants made by the Amalgamated Foundation were focused across three key areas of impact rooted in changing fundamental injustice and inequality. We also launched the Hate is Not Charitable Campaign.