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Transformative Corporate Philanthropy

Trusted Funding Partner

Connecting businesses to their stakeholders

We provide a variety of ways to help corporations create powerful, impactful corporate giving programs with minimal administrative effort. Our platform also supports customer and employee giving programs.

Beyond a DAF

Resource Movement Funds

An Amalgamated Resource Movement Fund enables corporations to move resources to the field nimbly and efficiently in order to address unanticipated moments of crisis or opportunity, experiment in new funding areas, or make grants that are differ from typical timing or parameters.

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Nimble Re-granting

Community Impact Fund

For one-time regranting needs, corporations may consider a grant to the Amalgamated Community Impact Fund which organizes resources to enhance the health, economic well-being, civic engagement, and cultural life of under-served communities.

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Defend Democracy

Democracy Reinvestment Fund

The Democracy Reinvestment Fund serves as a collective platform for corporations who are ready to take a bold stand to invest directly in strengthening a reflective democracy. 

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Amalgamated Bank

Bold Corporate Giving

The Amalgamated Bank, in partnership with the Foundation has honed a powerful and catalytic funding strategy, making nimble, targeted investments to frontline community organizations that have yielded impact beyond the grants’ dollar amount in three areas of focus – Democracy & Justice, Climate & Sustainability, and Workers Rights & the New Economy.