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Give With Your Values

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Reimagining Giving Together

Our community shares ideas and funds to magnify its impact beyond the sum of its parts. Here’s how our donors are making history by joining us to reimagine giving:

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Raising the Bar

10% Impact Pledge

We are raising the bar by encouraging donors to maximize their annual giving. Typical donor advised fund providers do not have annual payout requirements for their funds, resulting in a growth in assets, but less grantmaking impact. We encourage all of our donors to make annual grants of 10% of the fund size, doubling the level of “payout” required by private foundations.

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Redefining Philanthropy

Hate is Not Charitable

We have taken a stand against the twisted use of charitable funds to support organizations that foment hatred. Between 2014 and 2017 DAFs contributed nearly $11 million to 34 organizations that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers to be hate groups. As leaders of the Hate Is Not Charitable movement, we have committed to reject donor recommendations to organizations engaged in hateful activities, and along with our supporters, demand policies to ensure charitable resources promote the public good.

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Facilitating Connections with Grantees

Just Fund Partnership

Our partnership with JustFund easily connects you with critical projects nationwide. Get direct access to non-profits and their proposals, as well as to a community where funding colleagues share valuable insights that can help you make decisions.

Collective Impact Tools

By aligning resources we are magnifying our social change impact.

Rapid Response Fund

We create funding collaboratives such as Rapid Response Funds to quickly move resources to support disaster relief or empower activists’ response to emerging crises.


Community Impact Fund

Our donors can automatically donate 1% or more of every contribution to the Community Impact Fund where we make grants to support urgent and timely community needs.

Open an Advance Change Fund

Combined Impact Funds

Groups of like-minded donors maximize their impact by pooling resources to support specific progressive causes. This flexible giving vehicle can fund a variety of non-profit related expenses.

Start a Combined Impact Fund

Make Money Move

Start Making Grants