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Evan Bacalao and Kimberly Douglas Join the Amalgamated Team

June 4, 2024

The Amalgamated Foundation is thrilled to welcome Evan Bacalao and Kimberly Douglas to our Growth & Impact team. With a robust background in strengthening democratic systems, Evan steps into the role of Director of Growth & Impact, helping to grow and manage the Foundation's portfolio of individual and institutional DAFs, combined impact funds, and fiscally sponsored projects.

Kimberly joins us as the Director of Community Stewardship, bringing her 20+ years of nonprofit experience and commitment to systemic change to ensure exceptional client satisfaction and build community across the Foundation’s diverse client base. 



Evan Bacalao

Director of Growth & Impact

Kimberly Douglas

Director of Community Stewardship

We sat down with Evan and Kimberly to learn more about their backgrounds, what drew them to the Amalgamated Foundation, and what they hope to achieve in their new roles:

Q: Tell us about your background and experience prior to joining the Foundation.

EB: I’ve spent much of my career focused on expanding our democracy. Most recently I was a senior program officer with the Open Society Foundations, where I led work to strengthen democratic systems, build power in communities of color, and protect the right to vote. Before OSF, I led the community-facing civic engagement work of a national Latino-serving/accountable organization, the NALEO Educational Fund.

KD: I started my career working for nonprofit organizations. As a single parent, I found it extremely rewarding to work for values and mission driven organizations. It became my way of giving back to the world and our society. Prior to coming to Amalgamated Foundation, I spent 16 years working for Democracy Alliance (DA).  I joined the DA just before President Obama took office and watched my colleagues, the DA donors and the frontline workers' passion for creating a more just, multiracial democracy over those years, which fueled my passion for progressive politics.       

Q: What drew you to be part of the work the Amalgamated Foundation is doing?

EB: I learned a lot about the role of funding intermediaries as a grantmaker, including their important functions and the challenges they can present. However, Amalgamated Foundation always had a reputation for being so much more – namely, a platform for change that is grounded in a set of values that align with my own. Those values drew me in, and continue to animate me in my new role.

KD: While at Democracy Alliance (DA), I worked with the Foundation staff as a Fund Director.  I enjoyed working with the team and was completely impressed by the variety of clients ACF were working with to redefine social change philanthropy.

Q: What is a project or initiative you’re working on right now that you’re particularly excited about?

EB: I’m particularly excited about two initiatives right now. First is the #HalfMyDAF campaign and its democracy-focused docket. It’s been great to see institutional and individual donors working together for greater impact, and doing so earlier than we typically see in an election year. Second, I’m excited to be working on the next stage of the Hate is Not Charitable campaign. It’s one of the many examples of how Amalgamated Foundation is not just operating within its values, but helping to change the sector for the better. 

KD: I am currently working with the team to build out what ACF’s Community Stewardship program looks like.  I’m passionate about building relationships and community.  Therefore, I am eager to learn as much as I possibly can about all the funds and their missions with the goal of creating connections leading to greater collective impact and more resources to support frontline movement organizations.  I am thrilled about getting this program up and running.     

Q: When should Amalgamated’s clients and partners get in touch with you?

EB: Clients and partners should reach out to me if they have an interest in starting a new funding vehicle, learning about our existing collaborative impact funds, or just want to brainstorm on a potential project. And I’m always up for just talking about democracy, power-building, and immigrant justice!

KD: Amalgamated clients and partners should feel free to get in touch with me at any point.  My mission is to ensure client satisfaction and nurture our client relationships.  Since we are in the midst of building out ACF’s Community Stewardship program, I am ready to listen and learn about how clients want to engage with the ACF community.  I would love to hear any feedback about what opportunities and programs ACF could create to connect and engage our clients.  Finally, I am here to help support clients' needs to advance their objectives and connect those needs to ACF’s services and solutions.  

Q: What’s a fun fact about you?

EB: Despite my career in American democracy and participation issues, I was born and raised in the UK to British and Venezuelan parents. But I’m proud to today be an American by choice! 

KD: Starting at the age of 5, I studied tap, ballet, jazz and modern dance.  I studied ballet and modern dance all the way through college and once dreamt of being part of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.