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Spring 2020 Grantees

April 15, 2020
Amalgamated Foundation
Amalgamated Innovation Fund

Expanding Our Democracy

The Amalgamated Foundation’s Spring 2020 docket will focus on voter education and engagement during this pivotal election year. The Foundation understands the value of early money and investing in those communities who are an important expansion of the electorate. The grantees will focus on building power in Black and Brown communities in key states or regions where there is a growing electorate that supports equitable outcomes and an economy that works for all.


Docket of Grantees

Group of young people posing cheerfully and promoting democracy.

Alliance for Youth Organizing

The Alliance for Youth Organizing reaches across 20 states and 9 local partners to build authentic youth-led political infrastructure to support voter engagement and shift government to respond to young people’s needs. AYO works across four main campaigns to get more young people engaged as voters and as advocates for their own future. Key issues they focus include climate change, the cost of college, economic security for young people, and more.

People's Action Activists with placards.

Peoples Action

Peoples Action has launched Building a Bigger We, a project aimed at running robust state non-partisan civic engagement efforts powered by mass volunteerism. This project will support state-based member organizations in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to build power for a multi-racial base of working-class people, steer the national debate, and significantly expand voter turnout throughout the country.

Women who belong to the National Domestic Workers Alliance posing happily for photo.

National Domestic Workers Alliance

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is working to combat voter suppression and misinformation by building relationships with high potential women of color voters. Their efforts focus on developing leaders and investing in the grassroots organizing and civic capacity. NDWA is expanding the civic leadership of women of color to bring the National Domestic Worker Bill of rights and Universal Family Care into the center of the policy discussion.

Group of African American women arriving at a protest.

Black Voters Matter

Black Voters Matter is increasing civic engagement and power building in predominantly Black communities in the American South. In 2020 the organization will launch bus tours throughout targeted communities to help create excitement around voter turnout, provide local partners with communications support so they can amplify messaging around specific policy issues, and support community based Get Out The Vote (GOTV) & census outreach (GOTC) activities.

People protesting with placards


Ultraviolet is leading a seismic and strategic change to create permanent structural supports for women, including paid sick and family leave benefits, and programs to reduce sexual violence.

Groups of activists together.

State Voice Project

State Voices is the national backbone organization for civic engagement work led by progressive organizations. They lead integrated voter engagement strategies, with a focus on the New American Majority, across many local and national organizations. With over 800 network partners in all 50 states, SV will focus in 2020 building capacity through the state c3 tables, providing access to the voter activation network database, and fighting voter suppression efforts.

Photo of Stephanie Valencia

Equis Lab

Equis Lab works to create a more active and informed Latinx community. They do this work through statistical research, voter targeting, and the use of new technologies to reach voters. They focus on testing digital content; training groups on digital capacity; combating disinformation; integrating WhatsApp into organizing; and incubating new projects at other organizations.

Group of young people with placards.

California Calls

California Calls works to build power for low income community to shape public policies and electoral engagement. More than 10 million people are eligible, but not registered to vote in California. By utilizing year-round voter engagement, California Calls seeks to grow the voices of communities often unheard by politicians. Since 2009, California Calls’ anchor groups have engaged 1,281,033 new and infrequent voters one-to-one through large scale civic engagement programs which consist of door-to-door and phone outreach.

People at a Climate Protest.

Green New Deal Network

The Green New Deal Network is striving for breakthroughs on climate change by shaping the national narrative, educating the public, and building national organizational alignment. The goal is to use the GND to inspire a substantial but achievable number of young, swing, infrequent, and/or non-voters to think about their communities, their families, and their own futures through a different lens. In 2020, their efforts will focus on shifting the public narrative through mass mobilization, supporting policy change through educating the public; and passage and implementation of GND policies through local, state, and national organizing. The current Green New Deal Network Coordinating Team includes It Takes Roots, Indigenous Environmental Network, Service Employees International Union, People's Action, Climate Justice Alliance, Sunrise Movement, Center for Popular Democracy, United States Climate Action Network, Working Families, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, MoveOn, and Indivisible.

Information for grant seekers

The Amalgamated Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, with the exception of when one of our funds has an open call for proposals. We will feature those opportunities in our News.